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Miracle Pooh Plant Food
Between the shitz, chicken, buffalo, worm, cow, horse and last but not least pig manure, is to what I am referring. We have many different poohs in our product.
Now some poohs are better than others, as any intelligent individual would probably agree. However, how many of you want to get your hands dirty in blending of these little ditties?
Right. Therefore, we have taken the liberty of doing it for you. Plus we don't want you to go out and develop your own pooh and knock the crap out of our thriving business.

Miracle Pooh
Nature plant food consisting of manure, humic acid and mycorrhizae
Price: $12.00

So here's the routine, and even most American males can get this right. Just add one tablespoon of this stuff to your plants every month. One tablespoon per plant per month. Not too hard is it?
Therefore, a 1 1/2 lb. bag of this stuff will give you about 70 shots of plant food.
Your plants will love you, Mother Earth will love you and most of all our accountants will love you.
And remember, "A little Pooh Will Do Ya".
From your friends at My Garden Products. Have a wonderful day.
1 1/2 Lb. bag  $12.00

Carmel Monti 
The Grand Pooh Bah   941-518-0239
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