My Garden Products LLC - Company Message
We are going into our 9th. season of serving the Sarasota area with our unique line of gardening products. 
We hear over and over that our customers love our product line. 
We are no longer in the farmers market but are still a web based business. 
We thank you for all the support you given us in the years that we had been at the market and want you to know that are still around, just in a different format. 

The web is allowing us to go international.

Call with any questions or to place any orders.  We will have a shopping cart and offer the ability to order via this page in the next few weeks.   


New Packaging
Our Moringa comes in powder or in capsule form. This first option is 120 capsules or 3.2 ozs. of powder.  The Nutritional facts are listed above on the label along with other relevant info. Go to the Moringa page for much more detail on Moringa.

Two capsules a day will give you a 2 month supply. 

Price is $25.00

Our newest offering is Moringa with Tumeric and Pepper. The addition of Tumeric, which is another fine anti inflammatory like Moringa plus Pepper accelerates the effectiveness of the Tumeric with Moringa.

This offering is available only in capsule form to date. 

Product information is on the above shown label. 

Two capsules a day will give you a 2 month supply.

Price is $25.00

Our Website is under Construction so please bear with us while we improve it. 

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